Cake Fundraisers

These Gourmet Cake Fundraisers will provide you with the ultimate gourmet experience whether for your next dinner party, a gourmet gift for someone special or just a treat for you and your family, from our collection of elegant desserts.

After trying our scrumptious pies, our luscious cakes or our creamy cheesecakes we are sure that one taste will leave you reaching for another! We invite you to "SAVE THE BEST FOR THE LAST."

Cake fundraising is made simple and delicious with Something Sweet Crumb cake!!

Enjoy great tasting product and profits from the fundraising ideas that are just perfect for most every organization.

Cheerleaders, church fundraising, band groups, school trip fundraising, and MORE can realize their goals, easily with these well received cakes from Something Sweet.

cake fundraisers with something sweet!

Great Incentives

Win -Win Situation ... Baker’s dozen special.

Each seller which sells TWELVE units of cake will earn a free 13th CAKE unit off the case overage.

Something Sweet Crumb cake ... Just like Mom’s Baking

Join the winner’s circle with a 32 ounce cake product which is made from zero grams non fat, and of course all natural ingredients.

easy cake fundraiser with something sweet and

Here’s our cake selection:

  • New York Style Crumb Cake
  • Old Fashioned Coffee Cake
  • Lemon Shortbread Crumb Cake
  • Apple Caramel Crumb Cake
  • Seriously Chocolate Cake Crumb Cake
  • Raspberry Shortbread Crumb Cake

Call for a Sample Today (800) 515-0863

Even More successful cake fundraising ideas:

David's Cheesecake Fundraisers

Church fundraisisng ideas begin and end with these David's Cheesecakes. They are always welcome at home groups and special gatherings.

Extra creamy filling will bring your customers back with every fundraising season. Be assured that these cheesecakes are top quality, call for details.

David's Cake Fundraisers

HEIDIS Cake Fundraisers

Many organizations, just like yours, enjoy offering Heidi's cakes each year. Any you know what? Their customers come to love and expect them year after year.

Really, they sell themselves. The selection is terrific, and the cakes are outstanding.

HEIDIS Cake Fundraisers

Experience the Grand Cafe Selection

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