Just Write for Funds is quality gift fundraising by i-Mark, are easy fundraisers &very profitable fundraisers!

Realize Great Earning Potential with Just Write For Funds Gift fundraising.

Millions of Americans already Know and trust i-Mark Pens & Accessories.

Easy Fundraisers is a NO BRAINER when using Just Write For Funds Gift Fundraising.

Great for Non Profit Fundraising: Church Fundraisers, Band Fundraisers, Cheerleading fundraisers, Sport Club fundraisers. Just Write For Funds Gift fundraising is great any time of year: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation & Birthdays!

Just Write for Funds is a traditional brochure fundraiser and also can be positioned as an internet shopping page for your organization.

When people buy an i-Mark Pen, they not only get a lifetime guarantee, but they also get free refills for life!

Please Call or email us for more product information:

Profitable Ten Dollar Gift Brochure

Gift Fundraising

Designer Collection Gift Fundraising Brochure

Gift Fundraising

There are 2 ways for your organization can use an I-Mark Fundraiser:

Use I Mark Product & Pens as a STAND-ALONE FUNDRAISER Sell only I Mark Pens and Products and nothing Else!! *** This is the easiest way to conduct a Fundraiser***


Use I Mark Product & Pens as a TAG-A-ALONG FUNDRAISER SELL I Mark Products & Pens with someother type of Fundraiser *** THIS WILL INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE PROFITS ***

Gift Fundraising

Gift Fundraising

Gift Fundraising

Gift Fundraising

Gift Fundraising

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