The Best of Fundraising Websites
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There are many fundraising websites online, but none as innovative as profitable fundraising ideas! Read how our unusual fundraising activities backed by our company has made a big difference in how others find the best fundraising ideas for their organizations.

Simple fundraising ideas, fundraising ideas for kids and unusual fundraising activities for organizations are just naturally easy with our company.

Profitable Fundraising was created to assist organizations like yours to find the most creative and productive fundraising ideas and campaign with the least amount of hassle.

Unusual Fundraising Activities

Profitable Fundraising is an initiative by Advantage Fundraising Our team's 14 years of fundraising experience has helped a wide range of groups fundraise, whether it be with fundraising products or useful advice. Profitable Fundraising can assist with fundraising ideas for kids or unusual fundraising activities.

Practical advice, sample letters and basic web design is available for fundraiser successful fundraiser kick offs and program implementation.

We know that there are many fundraisers out there looking for helpful and relevant fundraising information; so it was only natural for us to help out.

Our Mission For You

Our mission is to provide groups, just like yours, with quality traditional and innovative fundraising programs, higher profit margins, key strategies to successful fundraising, and above all else, faster and more convenient service.

We will continue to service fundraising organizations: coaches, teachers, pastors, principals and other group leaders, with a complete fundraising resource and the best customer service in the industry.

We are glad to help you wherever we can

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