Candy fundraisers a Sure Thing When it Comes to Raising Money!!

Candy Fundraisers are very profitable. Your group can earn up to 52% profit. Shipping is free with any of

Your organization can buy as little as one case of product at a time with the Original One Bar which makes candy fundraising feasible for any sized group.

The One Dollar bars come in two different variety packs. OR if you wish ... You can purchase these fundraising favorites in straight packs of a particular flavor, too.

Get Ready for a profitable season with these candy fundraisers, wholesale fundraising products that are sure to bring in the dollars and smiles.

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Wholesale Fundraising Candy Products

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$ One Dollar Variety Bars

Good fundraising ideas begin with delicious, large size, premium chocolate bars! There are several One Dollar Bar chocolate fundraising programs to choose from, now featuring dark chocolate.

All One Dollar Bar fundraising chocolates are manufactured in a peanut-free facility, this is terrific!

Dollar Crispy Bar Dollar Creamy Caramel Bar Dollar Almonds

$ One Dollar Creamy Caramel Bars

You can order full cases of this Creamy Caramel Bar for your Candy fundraisers. For Caramel Lovers ... Dollar Creamy Caramel Bar

$ One Dollar Roasted Almond Bars

You can order full cases of these Chocolate Bars with Roasted Almonds. Everyone loves roasted almonds ... and Candy fundraisers! Dollar Almonds

$ One Dollar Crispy Bars

You can order full cases of these Crispy Bars, too! Crispy Bars are very good sellers. A true, great quality crispy rice bar that is a full 1.8 oz each. Dollar Crispy Bar

$ One Dollar United We Stand Variety Pack

Stand up for America (and chocolate!) with this best selling candy fundraisers United We Stand Variety Pack.

180-COUNT variety carrier includes
  • Creamy Caramel
  • Roasted Almond
  • Crispy Rice
  • Milk Chocolate
Each quality Candy Fundraising Bar is a full 1.8 oz of best quality chocolate, minimum order one case, please ... FREE Dodo Bag for orders OVER 10 cases!
United Variety Pack

The One Dollar Bar has an impressive 1.8 oz. quality chocolate per bar.

$ One Dollar America's Variety Pack

52-COUNT variety carrier includes
  • 14 Creamy Caramel
  • 12 Roasted Almond
  • 12 Crispy Rice
  • 8 Tasty Truffle
  • 6 Mint Chocolate
America's variety candy fundraiser.

The One Dollar Bar has an impressive 1.8 oz. quality chocolate per bar.

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$$ Two Dollar Chocolatiers Bars -
Larger Bars! Larger Profits!

Chocolatiers Caramel Bar Chocolatiers Crispy Bar Chocolatiers Almonds

You will be surprised at the great variety of chocolate bars contained in this variety pack.

Two Dollar Chocolatiers Variety Pack Fundraiser Candy Bars (52 count) variety carrier includes

Chocolatiers fundraiser candy bars are sure to be a hit for schools, sports, clubs and more!

Imagine the fun and profit you will have offering these top quality fundraisisng candy bars. The 3 varieties are included ... Each 2.25 oz bar sells for $2 per bar ... You will receive 144 Chocolatier Bars per case ... Wow add up these numbers

  • 12 Creamy Caramel
  • 10 Roasted Almond
  • 10 Crispy Rice
  • 8 Tasty Truffle
  • 6 Dark Chocolate Raspberry
  • 6 Mint Chocolate
Choloatiers Two Dollar Variety Pack
You Sell... 1 or more cases
You Raise ... $288 per case
Your Profit per case sold ... $172.80

That's a 60% Profit For Your Organization!

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Please note: Minimum order = 1 case Manufactured in a peanut-free facility

1 Free Case for orders of 10+ cases ($288 value!)

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