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Easy, Year-Round Fundraising
The school mall program is a safe, convenient and consistent way to raise money year-round. The school mall program leverages the convenience of online shopping and the power of our retailer network to make fundraising simple and effective.
Simply start your shopping experience at the school mall and you will earn cash rewards and bonuses for your students and school.
3 Easy Steps
  1. Students and their friends and family register to support your school
  2. They buy products from any of the over 1800 online stores in our retailer network
  3. The stores pay commissions on the items sold back to your school
Get Started!

No Hidden Fees
Online companies pay commissions for products sold through their sites. You pay nothing extra. It's a win-win situation.

You can get additional information by viewing our introductory video.
Fundraising Inc specializes in online fundraising for public and private schools.
Revenue Share
Key Benefits

All purchases are made through secure online stores

Supporters continue to buy products they typically purchase while benefiting your school.

Holidays, birthdays, back-to-school, office suppliers; your school benefits year-round

Cash Rewards
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