Magazine Sales Fundraising

Magazine sales fundraising made easy!

Create a LIST of fundraising ideas and then compare the profitability of magazine fundraising programs with all others.

After a comparison, you will realize that Magazine School Fundraising is a very good fundraising idea.

There are two successful fund raising programs to consider:

Magazines and Cookie Dough Fundraisers:

Consider the possibilities to realize BIG Profits when combining the great taste of cookie dough and the most well known magazine titles in the market place.

Your organization and your patrons will love this fundraiser and become annual customers. Magazine fundraising programs offer wonderful ways for customers to begin holiday shopping without the hassle of crowds.

Profitable magazine fundraising programs online:

Looking for good fundraising ideas?

Register to create your FREE personalized online fundraising campaign and get:

  • Email tool to reach members across the nation
  • Secure online store with over 650 magazine titles
  • Monthly profit checks upto 50% profit for all sales

Your customers will have over 650 magazine titles available to select from. And who can resist ordering just one of these great magazines when they will realize savings of up to 85% off newsstand prices.

Experience monthly profit checks for 40% of all sales from your magazine fundraising programs.

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