Mrs Fields Cookie Dough

Now Availabe for Your Organization's Profitable Fundraising Needs!!Convient Frozen Delivery to your Organization's Front Door!!Mrs Fields Cookie Dough - - - A Brand Your Organization Can Trust!!!

Profitable Fundraising Ideas is proud to launch Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough as a Fundraising opportunity to earn money for your organization.

Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough name brand recognition combined with your sales expertise provides a winning recipe for fundraising success!

Prove it to yourself, present the product to a school or organization and see for yourself how Mrs Fields Cookie Dough is the absolute ultimate in cookie dough!!

Did you know…

  • Mrs. Fields® Cookie Dough is prepared with wholesome, premium ingredients, are trans-fat free, Kosher certified, and comes in boxes of 32 conveniently pre-portioned cookies! Just place and bake for an absolutely scrumptious cookie experience!
  • Our frozen program offers your selection of pack-for-seller convenience or higher-profit bulk ordering.
  • Orders are shipped frozen to your organization typically within two to three weeks of us receiving your order.
  • Safe, reliable delivery using freezer trucks that meet FDA requirements.
  • We’ve been baking cookies for over 30 years, and nobody bakes them better. Irresistibly soft and luscious, they’re made from Mrs. Fields® very own recipes using real butter, whole eggs, pure vanilla, and our special blends of flour, sugar, and chocolate. attraction comes in two sizes: our classic 3″ cookies or Nibblers® bite-sized cookies.
  • Either way, every cookie gift is a tempting assortment of flavor favorites, from chocolate chip cookies to macadamia nut, carefully packaged to preserve their oven-fresh flavor.
  • Fifteen dollar coupon for your organization on every box

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More Good News About Mrs Fields Cookie Dough Fundraiser. . .

Premium Quality you can see and taste There is simply no comparison, Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough bakes premium ingredients, of a custom blend of chocolate, vanilla and brown sugar that you can see and taste with every bite. Each Cookie is made with 50% more particulates – the "goodies" in the cookie – than the next available fundraising cookie. The result is better-quality cookie dough, which is why Mrs Fields is #1 in customer satisfaction.

Mrs Fields Cookie Dough is a Premium Quality Product That Your Organization Can Taste :

mrs fields cookies logo

  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip
  • White Chunk
  • Chocolate Chip Walnut
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Rainbow
  • Dbl. Chocolate w White Chunk
  • Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cup
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jalapeño-N-Cheese Filled Pretzels
  • Traditional Soft Pretzels
  • Churros
  • Pre-Made Funnel Cakes

To Download the Mrs Fields Cookie Dough 12 Variety Brochure Click here (right-click to download; left-click to view)

To Download the Mrs Fields 8 Variety Brochure Click here. (right-click to download; left-click to view)

Call 800-515-0863 or click the link below to use our convenient online form.

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