Candle Fundraiser

Light up your fundraiser with profits from a candle fundraiser. It's Easy and profitable for all of your organizational needs.

Simple fundraising ideas, like these are always profitable and easy to implement!

Looking For Kids Fundraising Ideas?

There are a variety of candle companies that provide candles for fundraisers. Candles are made from regular paraffin candle wax, soy wax, vegetable waxes, beeswax, or even gel candles.

These are out most popular fundraising item because candles are universal, and enjoyed by most everyone male or female.

The amount earned per jar sold varies from one fundraising distributor company to the next, we can help you select the most profitable route for your needs. Most companies offer 35-50% of the retail sales.

Scented Candle Seasonal Fundraiser

Every candle from Dianne's is made in the USA. They use only the highest grade of waxes available including natural soy wax and 100% food grade wax.

Fragrance is the number one factor in candle fundraising products. All of the candles are completely fragranced throughout. This allows you to enjoy the fragrance through the entire life of the candle.

Request brochures to be mailed to you, or download a brochure and start taking orders:

  • Order your candles by faxing in your order forms to the company or calling the order in.
  • You will receive your candles within 2 weeks.
  • Distribute your candles and collect your money - make up to 50% profit on all candle sales!

Discover more candle fundraising products with this link.

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