Good Fundraising Ideas

Quality gift fundraising by I-Mark, are good fundraising ideas!

I Mark product brochures and internet fundraisers are unique fundraising ideas, because your organization can choose how you to sell this product.

You can use the traditional brochure fundraiser, or you can use an internet fundraising campaign. Or your organization can use a brochure or internet sales tools together.

How it works:Hand out one full color Brochure/Order-Taker to each member of your group(We provide you with the Brochure/Order-Takers for Free).


For each pen or product order, your group member simply writes down the customer’s name and product they want (in the spaces provided on the Brochure/Order-Taker).Your member collects the payment from each customer.


After your fundraiser is over, you send us all of your order forms.

We will ship to you all orders Pre-Packed for each member. Your members then deliver all of their orders.

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